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Natural Ways CBD

Bacon Pet Tincture


Calm your pet with our Healthy-Pet formula. Healthy Pet tincture tastes great to your pets. Place on food or directly in mouth. Use 2x daily for maximum results. Dogs love the bacon flavor  Comes in: 250mg Bacon Flavored 500mg Bacon Flavored 1000mg Bacon...

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Cool Beans

Bloody Mary Jane


BLOODY MARY JANE! “Bloody Mary-Jane w/ Wake n’ Bacon CBD Infused Beverage”Bloody Mary Mix: Organically grown tomatoes and garden herbs grown in northern California by a small farm called Preservation Co. They practice responsible, organic and sustainable...

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Natural Ways CBD

CBD Cat Chews


Kidney Support CBD Soft Chews for Cats Our veterinary-formulated, salmon-flavored CBD Soft Chews for Cats combine ingredients for kidney support with pure, hemp-derived CBD. This tasty treat offers all of the wellness of CBD in a whisker-licking flavor...

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Texian HerbaCeutical

Chamomile CBD Tea


Amazing CBD INFUSED Teas! Tea: We’ve partnered with local tea purveyors to provide three loose-leaf CBD infused tea lines. CBD: We use full-spectrum hemp extract derived from Certified Organic hemp flower grown in Colorado. Our Process: With...

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Natural Ways CBD

Cocoa Butter Lotion


This amazing Full Spectrum CBD Infused Lotion is mixed to perfection in small batches. Organic ingredients are melted together, then whipped into a fluffy, creamy CBD infused lotion. This cocoa butter lotion has no added coloring and no added fragrance...

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Live Berry Well

Elderberry Wellness Tea


Enjoy an immune boosting, organic, herbal and caffeine-free loose tea. With our Elderberry Wellness Tea you can enjoy the benefits of elderberries in a smooth and tasty tea. Each package contains approximately 60 teaspoons of loose tea and contains 100%...

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Glow Tea


This tea blends the tension taming benefits of CBD with herbs. CALM is great for relieving stress throughout the day; a mild and refreshing combination. Blended with Spearmint, Rose, Licorice and Rooibos. Contains 5 Tea Bags / 25mg CBD BAG

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Natural Ways CBD

Happy Tincture


About Natural Ways Happy CBD OilHappy CBD Oil contains a premium broad spectrum hemp extract at the CBD concentration of your choice, blended with a natural terpene blend designed for depression, and non detectable levels of THC.The extract is mixed...

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